Title: The 8 Elements of Powerful Package Design

Author: Fumi Sasada

Translation by: Giles Murray

Release date: November 2013

Format: Paperback (ISBN 978-0983951391)

Available at: Amazon.com

Why do some products leap off the shelves, while others leave consumers cold? The answer is simple: effective package design. In The 8 Elements of Powerful Package Design, the CEO of Japan’s top design firm draws on decades of experience to analyze what goes into making “package design that sells,” taking us step-by-step through the process of creating and maintaining some of Asia’s best-loved brands. Lavishly illustrated and engagingly candid, The 8 Elements of Powerful Package Design provides an inside look at the vital role package design plays in one of the world’s most dynamic and demanding consumer markets.

About the Author

Japan-born Fumi Sasada started his design career at Landor Associates’ San Francisco head office in 1978. Returning to Japan five years later, he created a string of iconic corporate and brand identities for major Japanese and international clients, including JAL, NEC, and the International Olympic Committee. Eager to pursue a lifelong passion for package design, Sasada established Bravis International in 1996 and built it into Japan’s largest independent design company.