Math Girls Series— Hiroshi Yuki, Trans. by Tony Gonzalez
Combining mathematical rigor with light romance, Math Girls is a unique introduction to advanced mathematics, delivered through the eyes of three students as they learn to deal with problems seldom found in textbooks. Math Girls has something for everyone, from advanced high school students to math majors and educators. Read more >>


Math Girls Talk About... Series— Hiroshi Yuki, Trans. by Tony Gonzalez
From the author of Math Girls comes an exciting new series for learning and reviewing important skills for taking on advanced mathematics! Read more >>


Female Math Major — Masae Yasuda
Masae Yasuda's Female Math Major is a comic adaptation of the author's experience studying mathematics at a Japanese university. Read more >>


Avatar Tuner — Yu Godai
In the post-apocalyptic Junkyard, a mysterious religious order known only as the Church watches over the brutal competition between warring tribes as they vie to unify six territories and thus gain access to Nirvana, the promised land. Read more >>

Cage on the Sea — Kaoru Ohno, Trans. by Giles Murray
In late 1944 the crews of three Japanese military supply ships were stranded on the tiny South Pacific island of Anatahan. Cage on the Sea is the story of those soldiers and the sole Japanese woman, a dramatization of the brutal day-to-day struggle of Japanese WWII holdouts in the South Pacific. Read more >>

Many Many Sheep — Issui Ogawa
The first in a ten-volume science fiction epic, of which six have been released in Japan. In 2803, colony planet Many Many Sheep is planning celebrations for the tricentennial of its founding, but a failing power core and rumors of an epidemic place the entire colony in danger. The beginning of a galactic saga spanning the history of humankind. Read more >>


The Case of the Curious Cadaver in the Dissectorium of Dr. Daniel Burton — Hiroko Minagawa
A mystery set in eighteenth century London. When partially dissected corpses start appearing in Dr. Barton’s anatomy classroom, it’s up to him and his students to find out who’s responsible and stop them. This title won the 2012 Honkaku Mystery Grand Prize in Japan. Read more >>

The Black Cat Takes a Stroll — Akimaro Mori
Winner of the 2011 Agatha Christie Award for New Writers. A collection of armchair detective shorts featuring a brilliant young professor who goes by the nickname of “The Black Cat,” and his Poe-obsessed graduate student. Together, they collaborate to solve a variety of mysteries, drawing clues from fields as diverse as 19th Century Parisian cartography and the critical work of Stéphane Mallarmé.

The 8 Elements of Powerful Package Design— Fumi Sasada, Trans. by Giles Murray
Why do some products leap off the shelves, while others leave consumers cold? The answer is simple: effective package design. In The 8 Elements of Powerful Package Design, the CEO of Japan’s top design firm draws on decades of experience to analyze what goes into making “package design that sells,” taking us step-by-step through the process of creating and maintaining some of Asia’s best-loved brands. Read more >>

Black Wave — Daigo Okazaki
Tamo is a young man who has fallen in with a fraud ring to raise money to repay his mother’s debt. This criminal group is led by Kundo, a brilliant psychopath with an uncanny ability to bend others to his will. When an earthquake of unprecedented scale hits Tamo’s home town, Kundo sees this as a prime opportunity for milking the survivors of their savings. Black Wave is a suspense novel that portrays the best and worst of humanity, against a backdrop of the most horrifying disaster to hit Japan since the end of WWII. Read more >>